About Us

As owners of this company, we belong to the circle of people who are passionate about and care for motoring, and also enthusiastic about the connected products and lifestyle.

Operating as a family enterprise, LUBRICANTS HUNGARY Ltd. is present on the market for 30 years now with products from the automotive industry, for instance, with Gulf car lubricants.Our key partner is the Gulf Oil Int Ltd. oil company where we have the exclusive distributor contract to sell lubricants for 10 years now. Throughout it’s history, the Gulf Oil company had a tight relationship with car racing. The design of the race cars created a style, which nowadays appears on different clothing products and other accessories. Oil drums are the closest objects that fit the profile of Gulf Oil company. This is why we have created our furniture collection entirely made from oil drums which is the only unique product within the legal framework of an official license agreement. The charm of the ’Gulf’ logo, the harmony of the colours make these furniture truly attractive.

We believe that ’drumDESIGN’ furniture will bring joy to the car racing ’fanatics’ like us, and of course for everyone, who enjoys handmade, authentic products.

…more than furniture, this is a lifestyle!

Let’s get ready to rumble! Burn out the engines, the „Gulf feeling” now available in your home! 

The Gulf oil company was founded in 1901, which was first to mark the brand with an iconic logo, the „Orange Disc”. The company’s history was always closely connected to motorsports. Gulf cars were mainly successful on long distance races, their first victory was at Le Mans, competing with the legendary Ford GT-40 and Porsche 917K. In memory of this success, the movie „Le Mans”, starring Steve McQueen was produced in 1971. The costume of Michael Daleney, the hero, and the unique paintjob of the race-cars created a style, which continues to grow to this day, and fans are more than happy to enjoy. The iconic and harmonic colours of the „Orange Disc” decorate every product just as magnificently as race-cars; offering joy and quality at the same time. 

Gulf Design Furniture – not exclusively for race drivers… Designed based on the Gulf oil company’s brand, we have created our furniture collection made out of oil drums, which is launched onto the market named „drumDESIGN” made in Germany. Originally, 208 and 60 litre volume drums were used to create these hand-crafted pieces. Each has a massive structure, is comfortable and fashioned to the highest quality. Our selection contains: seats, armchairs, sofas/couches, tables, cupboards, glass cabinets, clocks, etc.

Products available in two designs: 

Le Mans design: Follows the graphics of the winner Porsche 917K race car of Le Mans 24-hour race. Light blue base with yellow stripe starts from the front and runs along the entire length of the car.

Targa Florio design: Applying the dominant Porsche 908/03 race car’s painting from the legendary Targa Florio race. Light blue base with the typical yellow arrow. 

Besides, these two design available with two types of painting:

 Future paint finish furniture: modern, shiny automotive paint finish in „Gulf blue”

Vintage paint finish furniture: retro, satin paint finish with shadow effects in „Gulf blue”

    Gulf furniture is transported with high capacity hard rubber legs or wheels. It is upholstered with Air-Tex leatherette, with a quilted surface. Naturally, we are open to fulfill unique requests as well.  „drumDESIGN” is for everyone… Oil drum furniture is an essential interior design equipment for car services and gas stations, neither a car collection or museum can miss a classic set of „drumDESIGN” furniture to set the ambience of the place. Restaurants, cafés, get your own piece as soon as possible! Put the living room at the top of your list, choose vintage or future design – it is the most important space in your house to get together with family and friends! 

    Get your own oil drum furniture to experience the racing atmosphere of the 70’-s with Gulf Customize your car with the harmonic colours of Gulf’s „Orange Disc”, just like many other fans do in the world! Wear similar gear like Steve McQueen in the Le Mans movie! Available at www.grandprix-originals.com! 

    After getting completely equipped, take a seat in a „drumDESIGN” armchair, grab a glass of whiskey, feel like Michael Daleney and live through the thrill and excitement of the Le Mans movie!